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We are a team of experts having detailed knowledge and experience of India and US tax laws. This helps to put us in a distinct position to address your unique needs and ensure full satisfaction.



We are a tax consulting firm specializing in USA and India tax laws. Our services are broadly divided into tax return filing, consultancy and tax education. For more details, visit here…



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Anafin Consulting helped me to understand the tax implications of selling my property in India on my US tax return. I was able to plan my transaction properly and save the incidence of double taxation.

Anafin Consulting has expert knowledge on both India and US taxes and was able to apply it to ensure that I am compliant with the laws

I was able to streamline my US tax filing with the help of Streamlined Foreign Offshore Procedure (SFOP). Thanks to Anafin Consulting for guiding me through this entire process seamlessly.

Disclosure of Indian mutual funds on US tax returns is quite a complex process. The experts at Anafin were not only able to explain me the whole process of taxation in India and US, but also helped me become compliant.

My tax situation was very complex since I had also received stock options from my company. Disclosure of these items on India and US tax return and availing tax credit was very complex. The experts at Anafin were very patient with me, explained my situation in detail and helped me comply with both India and US tax laws.

I am a US expat who is now residing in India. Keeping pace with the changing tax laws in India and US and the reporting requirements in both the countries is becoming very complex. We do not have many sources of income but we had a consultation appointment with Anafin, where they went over our situation in detail and explained us regarding the tax requirements of both countries.

Understanding India mutual fund reporting (PFIC _ Form 8621) rules is extremely complex. We wanted someone who would not only patiently help us  understand the rules, but also help us to understand what documents were required from our broker and help us become compliant with the tax laws.